TASTE ratings

I rate bars, spirits, and recipes out of 10 and keep a list of all the ratings I’ve given out over time on this page. A 10 is basically never going to happen, so consider an 8 or 9 a thoroughly good job well done. Unless there’s a particular reason to mention something that was especially bad, ratings lower than 5 probably just won’t be mentioned. Click the links below to find the original blog post that set the rating.

If you’d like me to review and rate something or somewhere you like, or that you own or represent, get in touch on toby -at- tastecocktails.com or through Twitter.



The Hemingway Daiquiri [TASTE variation]  – 8.5/10
The Dry Manhattan – 8.5/10
The Perfect Manhattan – 8/10
The Sweet Manhattan – 8/10
The Key Lime Pie [TASTE original] – 8/10
The (Modified) Hemingway Special – 7.5/10
The (Original) Papa Doble – 7/10
Unnamed Lime & Vanilla Cocktail – 7/10
The Van Violette [TASTE original] – 6.5/10
The Chocolate Fish [TASTE original] – 6/10

Bar Reviews:

Bottle Reviews:


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